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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Walking/Bruised Butt

I think I'll be walking funny tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure I will have bruises on my butt. Apparently I need more padding there. I think I just need to keep riding and toughen my butt back up. I used to be able to ride all day and walk away tired but not with a sore butt. I could tell halfway through riding my horse today, though, that I was gonna be sore tomorrow. It felt so damn good to be back on a horse though. Even if she does have an ugly leg. She put it through a fence, seems to be a trend with my sorrel horses. I don't suck either, I thought it was gonna be awful and embarrassing. It wasn't wonderful, but I was not embarrassed.

Um, and speaking of walking, guess who took real steps today? Jackson! He just up and walked away from a chair he was leaning against. He walked right to me twice, and the first time it was a complete surprise. The second time I asked him so Jake could see, and he actually did it again. So Daddy got to see his baby take steps. And did I cry? I most certainly did.

Big day around here.


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