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Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Scrapbook Stuff (and awful picture placement)

I got off my lazy butt (hey, I think chasing around the Destructobaby all day entitles me to be lazy at night) and took some pictures of the projects I worked on last night.

First is a card. It'll be included with another project I've got, but you don't get to see it yet because it's not finished. I went back and forth about adding some sentiment on the card, but couldn't figure out a way without throwing off the balance. Maybe I'll mess with it later.

Second is a scrapbook page for Jackson. I had a whole lot of fun with making it. I don't know what those little clippy looking things are called on the left corners of the picture, but they started out white and I inked them to be green, stamped an xoxo on them, and covered them in liquid glass. So much fun. It's kind of a simple page, but it's definitely my best work so far and was the most fun. Thanks, Mom, for getting me addicted to this!

So those (and the almost finished one you can't see yet) are my projects from last night. I also took some pictures of other cards I made.

How's that for coming up with something to write? Not too bad, huh?


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