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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weird Wildlife Week (and more bad photo placement)

It's been Weird Wildlife Week for me, I swear. We'd been upstairs for about forty minutes this morning when I heard fluttering. Across the living room was a bird with a broken wing and a broken leg. The cat was nowhere around and hadn't been since I'd been up. Who knows how long that bird was there. There was another bird that the cat brought in on Tuesday. It was a lively one though and flew RIGHT at me. Being brave, I scooped up my young and ran the other way. Fight or flight at it's finest. Yesterday as I was driving to the barn I saw a deer. Which wouldn't have been weird except it was running through my neighborhood, and came running from a busy neighborhood. I've lived here almost 23 years and have never seen a deer within 3 miles of my house. It carried on it's merry way, though. Anyway, the rest of my morning felt busy even though I really didn't do much, just took pictures of my english saddle and put it for sale online. Hold on, let me cry a minute. I love that saddle. It is beautiful. It is comfortable. It is perfect. And it is just collecting dust, and it's way too pretty for that. So now it's for sale.

At about noon, after finding out that my bank was overdrafted because I got double charged for some stuff on accident. Naturally they can't pay me back for a couple days because they have to go through corporate to reverse the charges, and I have to argue about getting the overdraft fee reversed. So I am broke broke broke. I thought that the trip my favorite cousin (Kierstin) and I had planned to Ft. Leavenworth was off. Luckily she saved the day and we got to go. Ft. Leavenworth was so pretty. We went and got my ID card (which was almost an ordeal in itself, luckily I had a copy of Jake's orders in my glove box - must have been a pity present from God since my morning had been
traumatic - and I got to get it done). I'm much happier with the picture this time around. Then Kierstin and I drove around like tourists and took some pictures. I edited the top one (it almost looks like it's sunset in the picture, and it wasn't). I love Photoshop. The second is just a cute little sign by the lake. The entire post had signs in that font. We're gonna go back on some weekend eventually and just take a million pictures. Aren't you excited?

I couldn't go to the barn since I don't have money for gas. That sucked, but Jackson and I went to the lake with my parents. He needed some mommy time, and some out-of-the-carseat time. Poor guy had spent most of the day in it without complaining too much. He absolutely loves the lake. I always wanted a dog who loved water but always got the pansies who hated to be wet. Instead, I got a baby who loves it. The kid is way cooler than a dog. He crawled around the boat and MESSED. WITH. ABSOLUTELY. EVERYTHING. He thought his life jacket was awesome until I put it on him.

I think I'm feeling crafty tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a card or a picture of a page to post. Or maybe tomorrow I'll figure out these dang pictures and spacing.


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