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Monday, June 1, 2009

Colorado Weekend

This is my favorite picture from the weekend in Colorado. May seem like an odd favorite, but that is the EXACT face his daddy has made in a ton of pictures. Don't worry, Jackson. Someday a girl will think it's adorable and take lots of pictures and kiss you after because she loves you and all of the silly things you do. But that's when you can date when you're 30, and until then the only girl allowed to kiss on you and love all of the silly things you do is me. Anyway, Colorado was a lot of fun. The drive there seemed like it flew by until we got out of the car. Much better than the drive home that just seemed to drag and drag. Western Kansas at night is not terribly exciting. On Saturday we went to the Royal Gorge and took tons of pictures. It was so pretty. Jackson loved the cows in the petting zoo, and he got to go on a pony ride. He loved it. Future cowboy! Saturday night we had a bbq and once the kiddos went to sleep there were some shots. Pepe Lopez, Jose Cuervo's cheap cousin. They were not tasty. Sunday was the longest drive home ever. And that was just a terrible recap of my weekend. Oh well.

Today was Jackson's 9 month check-up. He has the start of an infection in his left ear. I knew it. And he weighs 20lbs 15oz and is 28 1/4 inches long. They didn't tell me percentiles today, and they got me distracted with the ear infection and the meds and I didn't realize I hadn't asked until I was driving home.

While riding Shirley today, I got to thinking about what would happen in my realistic dream world. I'd love to have money growing on trees and still win the lottery and live in a mansion that cleans itself, but realistically that won't happen. I realized that as much as I want to be a nurse, if I could do any job and money wasn't an issue, I would own my own horse breeding and training farm. I haven't worked out all of the details, but I think I'd have 3 mares for breeding and just make one baby a year to work on. I'd like to have an all-around horse that I could take to shows, but also my baby projects to work on and eventually sell. That'd be 6 or 7 horses total. Not too bad, right? And I think (since I'm dreaming) that I'd like a fully-stocked craft room so I could make custom cards/invitations/etc for people as extra income. And maybe also make horse show clothes too. I think how it'll realistically go is that I'll own one or two horses at a time, work as a nurse, and work on stocking that craft room so I can send people pretty cards. I need to learn to sew too, so I can work on the making show clothes part of my dream job.

Anyway, I think this is getting rambly and I'm exhausted, so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is my first day of class!


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