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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Stupid Head

Today was my first day back in class. I'm officially a student again! And I started the day by getting my head stuck in my shirt while getting dressed. You see, I have a problem. I have a large head and a relatively small body. When t-shirts are being ordered for things (teams, sororities, etc), they trick you sometimes. The smalls, mediums, and larges are women's sizes, but the extra small is actually a children's large. While it's great and all that I can fit in a children's large, I am not a large child. I am a small woman. I am longer in the torso than most children and have a much larger head. I was always stuck between team shirts that were too big and looked stupid or that were fitted but a little short and got my head stuck. I still end up looking stupid.

Class was fine, it should be something like Human Body at K-State minus the ridiculous tests, the physiology portion, and the cadavers. So it should actually be nothing like Human Body and should be relatively easy. I remember a lot, so this will be kind of a refresher. I found a nice little spot to study in too if I ever get the chance on campus.

The rest of the day was pretty eh. I was kind of glass-half-empty today. My check for tuition didn't come, I really hope it does tomorrow. I'd love to get back the almost $500 that I've had to spend on this class so far for tuition and books so I can buy something fun. I also had both of my contacts basically shrivel up and die on my way to the barn. I had to pull over and call my mommy to bring my glasses and rescue me. Then my glasses made me dizzy and I was all pissy about having to wear them until the contacts I ordered come in. I worked myself up about that, then got smart and called the eye doctor and asked if I could just come pick up one pair now while I'm waiting for the rest to come in. Now my eyeballs feel much better and I can see without feeling like I'm gonna fall over. I really hate my glasses. Hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful and filled with money. I'm also expecting my check from TriCare since we're now on the 30 day end of my wait for it (after I requested it the second time, mind you). Hopefully it will also be filled with a new layout because this one is driving me nuts! I want a wider one, but I still want a really cute one. We'll see what I can find (or even come up with, that would be cool).


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