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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Isn't he sweet? I just love this dog. Even though I replaced him with that stinky baby, he's still so loyal. He's smart too. Any time I pack bags for anything, he gets worried that I'm gonna up and leave like I did for the first two years of college. He always used to know when I packed horse show stuff and would get excited - he knew he got to go for a really fun weekend then. If only he'd figure out that Jackson drops a lot of food, he could clean up for me. He's also the enforcer at the barn. Horse got it's head hanging over the gate of its stall? Stan's on it. Horse trying to eat hay from another horse's stall? Stan's on it. Got a lunge whip to chase? You better believe Stan's on that. That is his drug. He will chase the whip until he's foaming at the mouth and can't breathe. Then he will lay down in the dirt and drool all over his legs until he catches his breath and he'll be back at it. I will say one negative thing about him. His gas can clear out a room in about 0.2 seconds. One moment you're watching TV, next thing you know you're running out of the room to breathe. But he's just so stinkin' cute. With the emphasis on stinkin' sometimes.


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