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Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Not So Hard to Find Good Help These Days

I've hired a personal assistant. See? Here he is managing my calendar. He's also sorting my mail. He's a great multi-tasker. Pretty good looking too, if I do say so myself. He's got a cute little butt. And he's not allowed to date til he's 30, so don't get any ideas. He works for free, all he asks is for a few breaks to go splash his toys in the dog water, although he gets a little upset with me when I wash them off before he can put them in his mouth again. I swear sometimes he thinks he's the boss, but we all know who's in charge here. Uh huh. It's me.

We have our first exam on Monday for class. Don't worry, Jackson already marked it on my calendar for me. It shouldn't be too hard, but if I randomly break out with words like proximal or supinate or midsagittal, don't be alarmed. It's like tourette's. Just wait until I have to study for the one over tissues. Those have some fun words to bust out. Simple squamous epithelial? Yeah. Squamous. What a fun word. Apparently it comes from the Latin word squama which means scale (no, I don't just know that. I had to Google it so I didn't look stupid wondering where it came from when it's really easy to find). And there's your anatomy AND Latin lessons for the day. Maybe I'll give you a test on Monday too. Study hard!


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