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Friday, June 5, 2009


Jackson and I went to the zoo today with Tiffany and her son Jesse. It was more for us than for them. My mom and I had a miscommunication with the directions, so Tiffany and I got to go on the driving tour of Kansas City that included downtown, North Kansas City, the airport, and Platte City. I would say it was scenic, but really it wasn't. Both of the babies slept the whole time though. I think Jackson and I liked the meerkats the best. My favorite picture of the day though has to be this one:

This is my view of him from the top of the stroller. He was just checking to see if I was seeing all of the cool stuff he was seeing. I have a funny picture to post tomorrow, but it requires some cropping and rotating on Photoshop and I really just don't feel like it tonight. My contacts are all screwed up tonight.

Ready for an overshare? Today it really hit home that my breastfeeding days (along with my breastfeeding cup size) are gone. My poor boobs. They were so excited to grow and to actually be big, and now they're just back to normal. Except now normal looks so small. Oh well. I can just tell myself that my legs look longer now or something. I'll have to figure out my consolation prize.


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