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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baboon Genitals

I am grumpy tonight. I think I have pink eye. Why am I healthy until I have plans? Tomorrow is a horse show. I'm supposed to finally show my horse and to hop on at least one other. My contacts are pulling some crap where they stick in my top eyelid and slide just out of my line of sight. So they are sitting in time out, thinking about what they've done and hydrating so they will stop. I think I'm going to have to go to either the Urgent Care or the eye doctors at the mall tomorrow. I'm stuck in my glasses, which I think I hate more than peas and olives combined. I paid somewhere around $100 extra for my lenses to not make my eyes look tiny because of my massive prescription. I don't think it works. Either that or it's working and my eyes would be invisible if I hadn't paid for it. I really hate being able to see the fuzzy vision around the edges of my glasses. It makes me dizzy and nauseous. I also am not used to the depth perception on them, which makes it a little scary to drive with them on. Instead of just spending the money on new glasses, I'm going to just complain about them because I really don't wear them that often. I also really just don't think I'd like any glasses anyway. I have a large head. Glasses always look funny on my head.

Look how funny my baby is though. He has this thing about having anything on his head lately. We usually play with the Fisher Price stacking plastic rings or put our hats on him and he can easily pull them off. His hood was a battle though. He did eventually win, but not without some entertaining faces and noises.

Baboons are notorious for being aggressive and grumpy. I think that if I had reproductive organs that looked like this, I would be aggressive and grumpy too.


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