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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Turning A New Leaf/AKA Heaven on Earth/AKA The Day My Camera Came

Today I'd paid the price for almost a year of bad dental hygiene. Don't get too disgusted, I'm not a gross person. My teeth got awful while I was pregnant. I couldn't brush my teeth without throwing up most days, and sometimes I was so sick anyway that I didn't even want to risk trying to brush my teeth. I rinsed my mouth out with water instead(on a good day it was Crest Pro Health). Added to the not brushing thing was the fact that I craved sweets or Chipotle. I don't think the Chipotle was too awful on my teeth, but I'm sure the eight grape Laffy Taffy ropes I ate a day weren't that great for them.

A brighter part of my day was getting my new digital camera. I got a Canon 50D. I didn't realize how much I forgot about photography until I turned the camera on and looked at the LCD screen and felt like I was trying to read Japanese. I got to play with it a little bit and am very slowly remembering things. Here are some sample shots.

Hi, Funny Face. Please don't destructo those sunglasses. And please stop screaming and go back to sleep so I can study after I finish this post.

I'm housesitting, and the husband has some awesome guitars. Maybe I'll take more pics of them as I get better at lighting and stuff.

Doesn't everyone take pictures of lamps with tables in the background to practice aperture stuff? No? Oh well. The boring things I'll take pictures of just to play with my camera.


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