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Monday, June 15, 2009


This morning in anatomy we were going over cartilage and bones. Naturally, we went over fractures and bone repair. Our instructor told us how innervated bone is, which is why it hurts like hell when a bone is broken. I laughed a little because when I broke my thumb, I really wasn't convinced it was broken until I was driving to the hospital - even then, I was more panicky over the thought of *gasp* wearing a cast for 6 weeks than I was over the idea of my thumb being broken. I still don't want to associate the pop I heard with the breaking of a bone, I still prefer to remember it as a horse's lead rope hitting my saddle. Nope, that noise was NOT part of my body breaking. It turns my stomach to think of it that way. Even my trainer thought it was broken, which should have been my first clue because he never thinks anything is broken or a big deal (for example, he once told a little girl who was scared of the lightning during her riding lesson that it wasn't the pool and we'd ride until it started raining or the lightning was closer). I wish I had a picture of the awkward bend in my thumb. That and the heat it was giving off started to freak me out, and I drove to the hospital. I called my parents, then I called my ex and started bawling. He thought I told him I'd been in a car accident and he rushed to the hospital. My parents and I pulled into the parking lot at the same time, and the first thing my mom said to me while I was bawling and panicked was, "WHEN did you get your nose pierced?!?" I'd done it the night before.

Anyway, long story short my thumb was broken and I had to wear a fairly ugly pink cast that itched like crazy and came off about four days before a dance. I spent those four days scrubbing the nasty dead smelly skin off of my hand and figuring out what pose we should use for the pictures so you couldn't see the extreme paleness.

Not five minutes after we'd finished up going over bone breaks in class and I'd thought about my thumb, I missed a call from my trainer's wife. He broke his leg over the weekend.

I've never been a fan of irony.


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