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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time's A Wastin'

Things I Do When I'm Wasting Time

  • check out eBay for random things (example: stiletto cowboy boots - can't decide if I love or hate them)
  • search for horse properties for sale in places that I would like to live
  • catch up on blogs I follow
  • eat
  • clean - yes, I said clean. I'm actually a good housekeeper when it's just me. I think at my parents' house I don't feel responsible for stuff even though I try to tidy up. It's not the same
  • design custom made spurs in my head
  • plan out sewing projects
  • plan out places I want to go to take pictures when I get my new camera
I do a lot more things than this, but this is my latest. Soon I'll add stalking furniture ads on Craigslist though, because in not too long I will be moving into my grandma's old house.


About Claire

I'm a mommy and a photographer, and I've got the coolest husband ever. My photography journey is just getting started, but I can't wait to see where I go with it.