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Friday, June 12, 2009

We're From Wyandotte, Ok?

This is Cinnamon. If you ask my grandma, Cinnamon is the sweetest dog in the world (you really don't have to ask, she'll just tell you). Cinnamon had a stage 1 melanoma removed from her upper right shoulder (sorry, couldn't tell you the canine anatomical term. Horse: yes, human: yes, canine: nope). Now she has to wear a shirt so she has a harder time scratching the incision open and bleeding everywhere. Apparently the shirt has failed in this area once, and I'm glad that I wasn't home for that. I'm enjoying Cinni wearing her wifebeater though. She looks butch enough to pull it off. Look how solid she is. Cut her some slack on being butch though, she was raised around boy dogs. The fact that she lifts a leg when she squats to pee attests to that. And don't you love the mess that the Destructobaby has made in the living room? All of the diapers get pulled out of the diaper caddy at least three times a day. Things get moved off of every table and stacked in random places to keep away from grabby hands. It was also hilarious to put Jackson under the laundry basket. Don't feel bad for him, he loved it. Just not as much as I love Cinnamon in her wifebeater.


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