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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wrinkly Toes & Fun w/Kierstin!

Happy Father's Day!! I'm exhausted and need to catch up on Photoshopping some pictures (ok, so I don't need to. But I'm addicted and I want to) so I'm just going to let a few pictures do all of the talking.

My cousin and I went to P&L Saturday night. We made these cat ears out of our napkins at dinner. Learned it on a cruise about ten years ago. We were sober. It's kind of hard to embarrass us.

Me owning the mechanical bull. I went at least 8 seconds. Ask Kierstin. And I'm sorry it's not rotated right, I haven't played with Photoshop today.

My baby's wrinkly feet today after spending time swimming with us. How cute are they? I just love the kid.

Baby squatting. Baby eating ice. My heart melted waaaay faster than that ice did in the heat.


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