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Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Poop Theory

I finished my exam with 45 minutes to spare, and wanted to share a theory of my very own that I came up with. It's no secret that new moms like to talk about baby poop. The things that come out of Jackson's butt are quite surprising sometimes. Sometimes I can recognize a smell or something he ate, other times I have no idea what his digestive tract was thinking and can only shake my head (and try not to breathe in). So that's one reason new moms like to talk about baby poop.

I think another reason, though, is the fact that nobody talks about their own poop. Deep down somewhere it feels good to talk about such a taboo subject, and to have other people contribute their baby poop stories. We get to talk about something we aren't supposed to talk about, but it's cute now because it came from a baby. Plus, you can't talk about it adult poop because moms are girls. And girls don't poop.


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