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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am going to do something I hate to do lately and post without pictures. I've been busy busy busy with moving and helping paint out at the barn. Today I took kind of a lazy day, and it still was pretty on-the-go. Within the next 2 weeks I should have a husband again, so it's crunch time on getting things ready! Next week is also the American Royal Quarter Horse Show, and even though I won't be showing my horse, she'll be down there getting shown and I want to hang out there as much as possible (although I'll also have unpacking to do).

So if I disappear from around here for a little bit, it's because my card reader is in one house, the external hard drive is in another, and the things that are in the same house are spread out and I just don't feel like doing that much walking around after a day of unpacking and painting.

When I do get back at it, you can see the cuteness that was my baby's first birthday, the cuteness that was my baby's future wife's first birthday, an engagement party, and homecoming! Hopefully I'll get some pictures up here before Jake is back, but I make no promises.


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