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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Sorry

I really do have some more exciting stuff to share with you. I'm behind on blogging. I'm also behind on editing, though, because this has been a rough week. Saturday morning, my horse trainer (who was also like my second dad) passed away after a two year battle with melanoma. I'm feeling like a bad person with all of the after-a-death regrets that I'm sure are normal, and I'm trying to ignore them. As for writing something beautiful for him, I'm not good at that. I have no idea where to start aside from the beginning, and to get us through the almost 10 years that I rode and showed out there, I think I would need a very long series of blog posts. So I will just say thank you, Scott, for everything for the last 10 years and for putting so much time and effort into me, starting from when I was a 13 year old girl who knew almost nothing about horses and could hardly lift a saddle. Give my grandpas a big hug from me, and Grandma Leet too. Give Oreo a good scratch from me. And please tell this little redhead with your name as his middle name to shape up a bit? He's a grump today and maybe he'd take you a bit more seriously than he's taking me.


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