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Friday, December 11, 2009

Trying Something New

Tomorrow (in my life, not on the blog), I am going to try something new that will hopefully end up on the blog in a reasonable amount of time. I hope it works out because I think it could be a fun idea. It would also keep me busy this winter. I'll try to post another picture (one of my super cute kid) tomorrow.

For now, meet Marley. I know I've shared pictures of the kittens on Facebook, but Marley is making his blog debut today. He's awkward, he doesn't know how to use his claws, he gets stuck on everything. His markings aren't as interesting as Mischa's (his sister, who I worry is actually a boy). I think he is the most adorable cat ever. Don't tell Mischa, but Marley is my favorite. His awkwardness makes me smile. He doesn't bite my toes when I'm just sitting still. Don't get me wrong, Mischa is my little princess and I love her. But I have a major soft spot for Marley. Just look at this face.


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