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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ok, I Lied

I'm sorry, blog, but I lied. I said I would try something new today and I am not. I think I have to postpone it until Wednesday. But I have two fun shoots this weekend that I can share so hopefully that will make up for it.

On another note, I have found two things that I can't live without in Photoshop now. Please don't make fun of me on the first one, it's something I have known since this summer about but really never played with until yesterday. Batch processing. OMG seriously, my life is about 100 times easier now. File > Automate > Batch... > then choose what you want to do and to which pictures. How come nobody ever sat me down and FORCED me to learn this yet? I guess what is important is that I know it now and that my editing future is going to be so much easier. The second thing I can't live without is TRA's Claire-ify action. I'm pretty sure it's from the second set of actions but I moved it into my favorites folder and also added it to my Kendra action (yep, Kendra, that was named because I really started to use it/perfect it on your pictures and it's my default action now for 98% of my editing). So those are my two new things that I love and can't live without, and my advice is to NEVER stop playing with Photoshop and seeing what you can learn & love.

Here is something (ok, someone) that I can't live without. I have a series of these and in every single one his tongue is at some position outside of his mouth.


Jacqueline January 14, 2010 at 10:55 PM  

OMG! I recently discovered the automate function as well! I wish I had discovered it a few weddings ago :P haha! You have such a cute blog :)

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