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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Faith : Kansas City Senior Photographer

Here's another pageant girl/model/way unfairly pretty person for being young. Faith and I had SO much fun during her shoot. We were out by the airport and as soon as we stepped foot in the parking lot we wanted to shoot in, a policeman on us like white on rice. Apparently w/my 50mm lens and a model w/multiple outfits, we looked like TERRORISTS. The cop checked our IDs and talked to us about specific things that we could not shoot. He also wanted our plan of action, so I estimated a shoot time and told him we might be back and forth. Hopefully he'll see this to prove that we really weren't trying to shoot the airfield or anything terroristy like that :)

I realized I didn't shoot very many horizontal images during this session. This is one of my favs.

First picture was an accident w/the wind blowing (since it never quits here). But it's my favorite kind of accident!

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