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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ashley & Stacey : Kansas City Boudoir Photographer

I realize that the title here could be misleading. Ashley & Stacey booked their boudoir sessions back-to-back on the same day, not as a couple's session, so don't get any ideas. :) I love love love when girls book back-to-back sessions. Having a friend at the session helps with nerves, can bring on more real laughter, and can bring on some good pose variation ideas. Plus when you book back-to-back, you get a free gift with your order :) (It is currently a 5x7 desk calendar, but I'm looking into changing it because of some restrictions on ordering that I don't love).

Anyway, Stacey & Ashley are both Army wives with deployed husbands. Having been in that position at one time, I always love when girls choose this as a gift for their deployed loves. It's obviously something he'll love while surrounded by a whole bunch of guys, but it will help YOU feel sexy too!

(So I found out today that an image in one of these collages violated the Photobucket terms of use...I'm mildly angry and could write a really long vent about it, but you know what? It's Photobucket's loss because I'll be finding a new place host my photos that won't label boudoir as pornographic. Sorry about that big ugly red image that was on here today).


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