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Sunday, July 19, 2009


As promised a million years ago, here are pictures of my sister. I can already see improvement from this on my other shoots, so I'm pretty happy with that. And please ignore the watermark, that was a short-lived phase that I got too lazy to keep going with. Maybe one day if I become an actual important photographer I'll make a new one and create a Photoshop action to put it on there (see, I am learning things in my photography class aside from shooting pictures!).

I know I posted one similar to this before, but I love love love these stairs. I promise it's not the same picture.

I kind of think this is one of my favorites of the shoot. And I just decided she looks like a prettier version of Sookie Stackhouse (aka Anna Paquin) in this picture. And I think Sookie is quite pretty, but you know I think my sister is much prettier!

I see an improvement also in my Photoshop skills. Not sure if I mentioned that.


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