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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The New Site is Up!!

After a few problems with images and links working, the newly designed site is finally working! And that means I can finally tell you about some of the new changes!

First off, I am going to be focusing mostly on boudoir (that's the big one), seniors, and maternity/newborns/children under 2. Why? Because those are my favorites to shoot and are what I really want to focus on. I'll still shoot other types (kids over 2, families, couples - especially couples - etc) on a case by case basis though.

On the boudoir note, I'm going to be working really hard at getting the sexy little party rolling! I don't have a better name for it right now and am open to ALL suggestions. I want it to be a new option for a bachelorette or birthday party, or just a fun girls day out/in. What is it? Well, I'll tell ya :) It's a party for up to 5 girls. Each girl will get a 30 minute mini boudoir shoot. There will be snacks involved (not during the shoot, during the waiting) and I do have a hair/makeup artist available for an additional fee. After every girl has been shot, there will be a break for a couple hours while photos are edited (a more basic proofing edit) and then the girls will come back and each will have her individual slideshow premiere. Ordering will take place then and there, and then I'll get the purchased images fully edited, the albums designed, and products to the gorgeous ladies. The cost is $250 per girl ($100 covers shooting/snacks, $150 goes towards products). There's even a special price list for the parties so that the $150 print credit is maximized. I'm way excited about them, and I have big plans that I can finally get rolling because I have some promotional materials designed, and hopefully I'll have more exciting announcements coming soon!

So check out the new site and let me know what you think!


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