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Friday, February 5, 2010

Inspiration: Packaging

Today instead of doing other things, I decided to focus my time on two things: finally watching the DVD that came with The Boudoir Divas' Pose Book and researching my options for boutique packaging for my clients. Let me just tell you that both were exciting and I feel quite productive.

I was so lucky to stumble on Paperie Boutique. Seriously, if you are ever looking for inspiration on packaging, that's about as far as you need to go (and not just for photographers, although it's geared towards photogs). Wonderful photographers write a guest post about their gorgeous packaging and share their vendors and some tips. It's seriously wonderful. Photographers come up with the best packaging, I swear. Some of my favorites? Um, the first one I saw today was a great start to suck me into the site. It was Heather Garland's packaging and holy crap I want to marry her custom envelopes! And instead of rambling on forever about the site, you should just go see it - even if you aren't a photographer you will want to put SOMETHING together in adorable packages like everyone on there does.

And in the upcoming days I will be blogging a gorgeous boudoir session, some exciting news, and getting back into the swing of things. Since I've left you without a picture a few times lately, I hope that this video makes up for it.

That is my crazy boy rocking out. I hope you can see it, you may be required to be my friend on Facebook but I don't know if my privacy settings are set for everything from this point on or if they applied to everything.

Have a great weekend!


Jessica Swatts February 11, 2010 at 10:19 AM  

Here from Jasmine* discussion board...The Boudoir Divas are awesome, aren't they?! :)

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