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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Privacy Matters : Kansas City Boudoir Photography

This post was prompted by some e-mails I received requesting passwords to my private boudoir galleries, and I just wanted to let you ladies know how seriously I take your privacy (I take all privacy seriously and will not blog anything or use it on my website without permission, but especially boudoir privacy due to the nature of the shoots).

All images on my blog are used with permission from the women I've shot. You by no means have to allow me to blog my favorites from your shoot. I'll love you forever if you do agree to it, but there are no hard feelings if you are uncomfortable.

I never use first and last name combinations in any way - file naming, gallery naming, on the site, on the blog, etc. I do everything on a first name basis. If you prefer that I do not use your entire first name, I can refer to you with the first letter of your first or last (or even middle) name - just using my initials, for example, I could be Miss C, Miss J, or Miss R. I name my files based on your first name only (Jane001, for example), so nobody could search Jane Smith and come up with JaneSmith001 and find your photo. Basically what I'm saying is this: people won't search your first and last name and come up with your photos on my website.

Since I have made the switch to in-person rather than online ordering, I am able to protect your privacy even more - boudoir galleries no longer go online for proofing except for marathons and any out of town sessions. I will have printed proofs to show you at your ordering session (and these are shredded if you do not purchase them, they are not just casually thrown in the trash).

If you do opt to have an online gallery (or are part of a marathon or are an out of town client), your gallery is always password protected and I DO NOT hand out this password to anyone but you for ANY reason. Ever. Sharing the password and gallery is at your discretion - if you would like to show your friends, you are more than welcome to, but I will not ever give the password to anyone except you.

I take your privacy quite seriously. I will go to all of these measures and any more that you can think of to protect it. You are not required to let me show off how gorgeous you are on the blog or on my website.

And a big thanks to Kathleen for letting me use this fabulous shot so I don't have a post without a picture :) Loooove her hair, the curls were perfect - they look so messy sexy in this picture! And if you aren't jealous of those eyelashes, I don't know if I can speak to you again!


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