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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two Truths & A Lie

I'm going to set a goal here. My goal is to do this at least every other Tuesday for a couple reasons. 1) I've been doing great at taking more pictures of my son and I'd love to show them off in a personal post regularly. 2) I know you're dying to get to know me better :) 3) Tuesday is a forgotten day. Monday has a bad rep, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is an extension of the weekend, and Friday is...well, Friday. And everyone loves the weekends. But Tuesday often gets left out. So I chose it for Two Truths and A Lie. Hopefully every other Tuesday I'll get my act together and post a few personal pictures of Jackson and let you know what's going on with life, and also post two true things and one false thing about myself. I'll tell you which one is false the next time I post a Two Truths. Don't you love suspense?

1) I love seafood. I could eat shrimp, lobster, crab legs, and more any chance I get.
2) When I was about 2ish, I split my top lip open when I ran into a wall.
3) I really really hate clowns.

And here's some Jackson. I have him trained to bring in the newspaper. Who needs a puppy?

I have no idea what it is about this picture that I love. I mean, it's cute and all that my kid was dragging around a shovel, but I'm not sure why I like this so much. But I do.


fotophilia April 21, 2010 at 2:29 AM  

Absolutely adorable!!! Can't wait til next Tuesday to find out the lie!! Good idea too!!!

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