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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Truths & A Lie

Soooo....my last Two Truths & A Lie was on 5/4...that is over a month ago. Kind of embarrassing. Was the suspense just too much? Are you just dying to know what is a lie? Well, I'll tell you!

My lie from last time is:
#3: I have never eaten sushi.

I have eaten sushi. I just don't love it very much. I'm open to trying it again since that was a few years ago and I've had a child. I used to not like banana peppers before being pregnant but now I LOVE them. Who knows what else has changed.

And yes, I have been arrested. But before you go thinking I'm some kind of hardened criminal (or even that I'm a badass), let me just tell you this: it was for an unpaid speeding ticket LATE FEE. They got the payment for the ticket but it was late and I owed $5. I didn't pay it. I spun Jake's truck out on a very icy road on Ft. Riley. The ambulance talked to me, then the MPs sheepishly arrested me. As they were walking me in with my cell phone ringing off the hook with the ringer "Bubbly" by Colby Callait, the Riley County police guys asked if I had given them any trouble. Yeah, I was cussing and screaming until BUBBLY came on and it calmed me right down. Don't all hardened criminals come in quietly with Bubbly ringing over and over on their cell phones? Thought so.

New truths & lie:
1) I've never ridden a donkey.
2) I used to hate hamburgers.
3) I used to make my dad cook brats for me in a frying pan so I could dip them in syrup.

And here is my boy. Please ignore the creases in my backdrop, I hadn't steamed them out yet.

Happy to participate. Do you love the highlighter on his arms? I sure do. I was so thrilled when he got ahold of it and colored all over himself. At least he didn't bite the tip off like the last one. Baby steps, I'm tellin' ya.

Angry. I explained that hammers are not good toys for babies. He disagreed.

Contemplative. Those tears turned off extremely fast when I offered to share a brownie with him.


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