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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Truths & A Lie

My lie from last week:
#1. I've never ridden a donkey.

I have ridden a donkey. I didn't ride her for a very long time because a) she wasn't trained and b) she was only in a halter and lead rope and I did not have ahold of the lead rope. I learned my lesson about being on an animal that only has a halter & lead rope on. I had a very fast-paced ride with zero control in a roundpen - basically it was a pony ride from hell. The horse I was on got away from the girl who was leading it and decided to run full-speed around a little pen.

This week's truths & lie:
1) I'm obsessed with Chipotle.
2) My hair is the longest that it has ever been.
3) I love headbands.

And now for some summery pictures of my boy.
He LOVES to be outside, especially when he gets to play with water. This is the sprinkler (or monseler if you ask him) that my parents got for him. It was dangerous taking pictures of it because that thing can throw water far! I only took a few because I wanted to join in on the fun. My boy and I had fun holding hands and running through and laughing. How is it possible to love someone SO much? I swear my heart is just going to explode some day soon.


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