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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Julie : Kansas City Boudoir Photography

I just want to say this: if you look at these pictures and do not think that Julie is stunning, I will come punch you. Or never speak to you again. Or most likely I'll just think that you are crazy because Julie, you are drop-dead gorgeous, and anyone who doesn't think so is weird. I'm writing this post on June 25th (seriously, I still think it's AWESOME that I can schedule posts to publish on whatever date I want) because I'm so excited about these pictures. But these are a FANTASTIC birthday present for Julie's hubby so I wanted to wait until after she gave him his album to post them. If you ask me, Julie set a pretty high standard for birthday gifts in the future.

I also think Julie should be awarded points for wearing a Nebraska shirt for her honey.

Julie's husband loves to sail, so she stole the jib and brought it to the shoot. I adore it when a client brings personal touches to a shoot - we had fun with this sail and the cute bag it came in.


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