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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Andrea + Brandon : Kansas City Engagement Photographer

Um, it's been 4 months (5?) since I updated my blog. Naughty naughty naughty. And a bit embarrassing. Thank goodness there's no Blog Protective Services that can come after me for this. Anyway, we'll jump back in with Andrea + Brandon's engagement pictures from a gorgeous December day. Andrea came COMPLETELY prepared with lots of props & pose ideas. And they were all perfect. We had fun wandering around in Bonner Springs & Basehor (Linwood?). And just in case you can't figure it out with their cute little props in a few of the pictures, Brandon is a firefighter & Andrea is a teacher. OH. Also, excuse the lack of exciting layout & the mixed up order of the photos. With the ones I wanted to blog there really wasn't an in-order way to arrange them, so they're mixed up & I'm having to deal with it (I'm a little picky. I like them in order from the session). Fun fact: their wedding is exactly one month from today!

This last one is my fave :)


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