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Friday, October 21, 2011

Lots of Changes

Ok. So I've debated writing this post for a while. If you're one of my friends who stalks my blog (that has provided little to NO stalking material lately and you've mentioned to me that I need to update) you'll already know this. If you're my friend on facebook (not just a business fan but have stalked me or let me stalk you and we've added each other as friends), then you may have noticed a name change. That's the first change. Jake and I are separated. I don't feel like going into details & writing out the whole story, partly because there is not enough wine in my house to get me through that, and partly because if you just ask me I'll tell you and it doesn't need to be out on this interwebz thing. It's actually a really boring story, so don't think it involves someone sweeping me off my feet and running me off to Italy for six months and bringing me back to a home where nobody feeds me pasta and gelato every day while walking through beautiful ancient cities. And yes, I'm allowed to make jokes about it, because like I said, there isn't enough wine to get me through it without jokes, and also because it's my life and I can make jokes about it if I want to. So there's me wimping out of getting too personal about all of that. Like I said, if you have any questions or require some sort of clarification, just ask me.

Change number 2 (or 3, if you count my name and the separation separately. I think they're linked, but you can count them however you want): the business name will be changing. I'm shooting for January/February to have all of the changes made, but we'll see since a lot will be changing in January anyway. Get excited about this one, because I am. Although I'm kind of secretly terrified that you all will hate the name, but I guess I'll just have to deal with that when it happens.

Change number 3: I am moving to Manhattan, KS in January to go back to school. I will be finishing up a degree in kinesiology (exercise science, if you like less sciencey names). This doesn't mean I'll stop shooting in Kansas City. It just means that I'll be trying to figure out a giant balancing act and that you'll have to be patient with me yet again.

I don't think there's a change number 4. Unless you count me looking to find the perfect bangs for a heart-shaped face (I just recently found out my face is heart shaped, and I'm very excited about this for some reason). When I find them change number 4 will be my hair. Until then, I think those 3 changes are pretty big ones, so I'll just deal with them for a while. I have some blogs coming up (I'm scheduling at least one tonight, hopefully I'll get 2 ready and start working on catching you up on what I did all summer).

Thank you, seriously, for being patient with me through this whole blogging/photography hiatus thing. I haven't worked nearly as much on my own business as I should have this summer, but a lot has been going on and I just lost this part of myself for a while. I'm planning on 2012 being a fabulous year!

And just because I can't post without a picture: this is a typical Saturday morning with the little man. Spongebob pj's, dry nasty cereal that was probably a little stale (I don't know, I didn't try it. It's Peanut Butter Captain Crunch that Jake left at my house and I don't like peanut butter flavored anything. Except peanut butter). Don't you love his fake smile? That's why you don't tell kids to say cheese :)


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